What is the GEIS?

The Government Executive Information System or GEIS serves as a reporting system for the Performance-Based Incentive System (PBIS) of the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPBMS).

The GEIS is composed of two parts:
(1) The PBB Compliance Dashboard, where NGAs, GOCCs, LGUs, LWDs, and SUCs can check their eligibility to the PBB. (2) Performance Indicators Dashboard, that holds historical data of performance indicators from 2012-2017.


How do I use the GEIS Dashboard?

Search for your agency or organization’s name. Try using keywords and other relevant search terms.

How do I correct or update our data?

You can send in the correct or updated data, along with the required documents, to our PBB Secretariat at ao25secretariat@dap.edu.ph.

Where can I find other information about the PBB?

For information, updates and reminders, you can visit the RBPMS website at https://rbpms.dap.edu.ph/ or the official Facebook page of the PBB Secretariat at https://www.facebook.com/PBBSecretariat.